Online Training in Production Planning and Scheduling

The training is devided in 2 modules:

  1. Part I - Basics of Production Planning and Scheduling according to Lean and Theory of Constraints (1 day).

  2. Part II - Advanced Production Planning and Scheduling. After this module you will receive a certificate for Junior in Production Planning (1 day).

How we do the trainings:

  1. Every participant will receive a free licence for the Goldratt Simulator on which she/he can play during the online training and after that.

  2. For every participant there is a notebook on which she/he will record the results from the different rounds.

  3. Every participant should play on the simulator which has to be installed before the training. We will send you a link to download it. It works only on Windows OS.

Part I - basics of production planning according to Lean and Theory of Constraints

In the simulator we have all the elements which one real factory has:

  • Different machines with which will will produce different articles.

  • Set-up times for each machine.

  • Time for each operation.

  • Different routes for every ready product.

  • There are orders from customers.

  • There are prices for raw materials and sell prices for the ready products.

  • There are amounts for the Operating Expenses and how much money you have in the bank account.

The task is to produce the orders with maximum net profit. We will study two different factories.

The participants will learn:

  • How to calculate production capacity.

  • How to find the bottleneck in a shopfloor.

  • How to plan and schedule production processes according to Drum-Buffer-Rope method.

  • Why Theory of Constraints is the best system for Production Planning.

  • How to create a production schedule.

  • What to do when there is a problem.

  • How to organise the shopfloor so there will be no delay orders.

  • How to implement the Drum-Buffer-Rope in reality.

Price for module 1: 485 EUR excl. VAT

Part II - Advanced Production Planning and Scheduling

In the second module there are two more factories and the complexity of the tasks is increased. You will learn the whole 4 different kinds of factories - V, A, T and I. We will discuss also some combination of them. You will leanr how to find and to use the hidden production capacity of your factory. I will give real examples of increasing the production capacity. The most important topic is to learn how to adapt these principles in your shopfloor.

The participants will learn:

  • How to recognize the different kinds of productions.

  • Where to put buffers and to manage them in different situations.

  • How to implement the knowledge in reality.

Price for module 2: 485 EUR excl. VAT

After this module there will be a short exam and if the participants pass it they will receive a certificate.